Custom tile murals make a big splash!


Using the dye sublimation printing process, we have the capability to create one-of-a-kind custom tile murals. Your image is dyed directly into the tile mural and will not scratch off like a decal. Many different custom tile murals are available. Tile made from ceramic, porcelain, marble, tuscany, tempered glass, sandstone, slate, masonite, glow-in-the-dark and more are all available for purchase. When we  print your custom tile mural, you can grout it and use it just like you would use any other type of tile that can be bought from a home improvement store.

Typical custom tile mural uses include:

  • Back splashes for the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Custom tile murals for your shower and pool
  • Custom tile floor murals that can be walked on
  • Professional art reproductions dyed on tile
  • Your own custom designs for unique home decor
  • Our custom tile murals can be any overall size you want
  • If you have an idea for your mural, we can make it happen

Individual tile sizes used in tile murals include:

  • 2″x2″
  • 4″x4″
  • 4.25″x4.25″
  • 6″x6″
  • 8″x8″
  • 8″x10″
  • 8″x12″
  • 12″x12″

Our custom tile murals can be custom printed with any image you like. Email us your image or send us the link where it can be downloaded online at your custom tile mural will be printed and shipped within a few days. Each mural is completely unique and one of a kind. Certain tile like slate and marble for example are cut from the earth and will have imperfect edges. If uniformity is crucial; ceramic, porcelain, masonite or tempered glass is recommended.

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