Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to rank high in the search engines without spending a lot of money?

The answer to that one is pretty simple. Of course you do. Allow me to introduce the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin available for your network website, NiceGuy SEO. This plugin offers a lot of the same features that would normally costs you hundreds of dollars per month, setup by a search engine placement company. You save money because you set it up yourself and by using the NiceGuy SEO plugin, you can control how your content is displayed in a wide variety of search engines.

Benefits of this awesome search engine optimization plugin include:

  • Create, edit, and submit Google & Bing sitemaps on-the-fly
  • Title Tag  and Meta Tag optimizations for every page and post on your site
  • SEO Moz Report – provides accurate SEO information about your site
  • Automatic Links – automatically link specified keyword phrases to content
  • Much more!!!

Here is a screenshot of the SEO Meta Data that can be easily created on every Post and Page. Also in the screenshot is a preview of what the Post/Page looks like featured in a search engine. This information is very valuable if you know how to use it to your advantage. You too, can have a high page Google Rank using nothing but the NiceGuy SEO plugin. 



You can add this search engine optimization plugin to any Pro Site Package for $19 per month.

Webkinz Toys

Webkinz Toys
I created this website initially back in 2004 for my parents to sell their Ganz products, more specifically the Webkinz line. The website is all product and no layout. It kept their online presence simple and effective. Since then, the website has seen more than 100 million hits and has sold thousands of webkinz toys. Their website, became one of the biggest online retailers found on the web. It had a number one rank in Google for a solid five years, even showing up in the top spot, right above the manufacturer’s website

If you are interested in having your own webkinz online store, contact me. This particular website, along with all domains associated (another 5 webkinz related domains), and the remaining product (over $50k worth retail) are all for sale. Contact me for a package price. This website, still to this day gets orders online and we will throw in one year’s worth of web hosting on our server. You will need to do nothing to start making money once the purchase is your property.  The website is very easy to update, has reports of everything including customers, sales, shipping, taxes, etc. and can also export your orders to Quickbooks.

This is not just a website for sale, but an actual business with product, customers, database information and more. This is a ready to go online storefront with product. You can also add your own product. I have used this same system to hold over 30,000 products without an issue. If you are part of a wholesale club, this is the website for you. Easily import your database data into your website to automatically populate it with thousands of products instantly.

Contact me for more information.




Hello. My name is Matt Shuman, creator of this free website network. I setup this network to allow anyone, regardless of computer skill, to create, populate, maintain and update their own website without the help of a “web designer”.

By joining this free network, you can create your own website in a matter of minutes. We offer a free package with a few themes that you can choose as the starting point for your website. By choosing a theme, most of the design work is complete and all you have to do is change a few colors, add a logo and add your content.

We have also made it possible to edit your theme directly inside of your admin panel. You can very easily change the background color, header text color, link colors, content background images, etc., all with just a couple clicks of the mouse. You will be surprised at how easy it is create and publish your website.

Besides our Free Package, we also offer Pro Site Packages. There are three tiers to the Pro Packages. Click here for more information. The theme that this website utilizes, is part of the Free Package accounts.