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What You’ll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful nature background!

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Summer Nature Background With Grass And Flowers
Summer Nature Background With Grass And Flowers Vector

1. How to Draw the Background

Step 1

Let’s begin learning to use Mesh by drawing the grassy hills!

Create a rectangle filled with #90A843. Grab the Mesh Tool (U) and place one mesh node on the upper edge of the shape by clicking with the tool.

Take the Mesh Tool or the Direct Selection Tool (A) and drag your new node down and a little to the right.

Finish the step by dragging the upper right edge down to smoothen the curve of the hill.

use gradient mesh

Step 2

Add more nodes on the upper edge of the shape and continue bending the hill as shown in the screenshot below.

how to mesh

Step 3

Start coloring the hill!

Add a new row of mesh by using the tool in the lower middle of one of the columns.

Select all nodes on the upper edge of the shape with the Direct Selection Tool (A) or the Lasso Tool (Q) and color them with #CAD75C.

Create one more row of Mesh, and then color the two centre nodes with #A4B345.

As shown below, color some other nodes with #AEB946, and then color the upper left node with #CAD75C.

mesh vector tutorial

Step 4

Let’s begin drawing the second hill! Fill a rectangle with #97AC43, and then drag its left edge down.

Continue by adding a mesh node and dragging it up, and then smooth out the hill with one more node.

nature background vector tutorial

Step 5

Color the second hill with mesh! Follow along with the screenshots, adding nodes and coloring them as indicated.

You will need these colors:

  1. #C7D055
  2. #ADB946
  3. #DCEA69
  4. #86A141
adobe illustrator mesh

Step 6

Create the third hill, colored with #B1BF4C, by bending it and adding mesh nodes as indicated in the screenshot below.

nature background deconstruction

Step 7

Color the final hill with these colors:

  1. #E3E5AC
  2. #D3D662
  3. #A5B846
  4. #C3CD5B
gradient mesh tutorial

Step 8

Draw the sky background with Mesh.

  1. #FFFFFF
  2. #B0DAE2
  3. #D4EBF0
  4. #DDEEF3
sky mesh tutorial

Step 9

Assemble the background out of the three hills and sky.

vector adobe illustrator nature background
nature vector

2. How to Add More Elements

Step 1

Now that you know how to use the Mesh Tool, you can proceed to do some of my more complicated tutorials!

To draw the grass, daisies, and dandelions, please consult How to Draw a Nature Scene With Dandelions and a Butterfly in Adobe Illustrator.

Spread the grass to create a banner. You can also tweak its color with Edit > Edit Colors > Adjust Colors.

grass daisy dandelion flower vector tutorial

Step 2

To create a shadow, draw a long, narrow rectangle and color it with Mesh.

You will need these:

  1. #2D3500
  2. #FFFFFF
  3. #A4A066
mesh tutorial

Step 3

Place the Mesh on top of the grass, and then, in the Transparency panel, set it to Multiply and 60% Opacity.

Add a frame over the grass and flowers.

transparency clipping mask

Step 4

Select everything, right-click, and select Make Clipping Mask.

Next, add butterflies from the above-mentioned tutorial.

butterfly vector tutorial

Step 5

Place the grass in front of the hills.

nature background vector tutorial

Step 6

To add the clouds, consult this tutorial: How to Create a Night Sky With Clouds Using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

cloud mesh tutorial vector

Awesome Work, You’re Now Done!

What now? You can try any of my other tutorials from my profile or check out my portfolio on GraphicRiver, as well as the original vector we recreated in this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I would be super happy to see any results in the comments below!

Summer Nature Background with Grass and Flowers
Summer Nature Background With Grass And Flowers