Recently on our Facebook page, we were asked in response to a vector tutorial being posted:

Ain’t that too detailed for Illustrator?

Aint that too detailed for Illustrator
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In response to one of our readers… here’s an article especially for you and other vector fans. Here are 27 tutorials from our archives, with amazingly detailed end results, that you wouldn’t believe were created in Adobe Illustrator.

27 Amazingly Detailed Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Let’s start with the original tutorial which our reader questioned…

If you’re looking for more detailed Gradient Mesh tutorials, Vladimir Galantsev has plenty available over on his profile. Here are some of my favourite detailed gradient mesh tutorials by him and other talented artists on Envato Tuts+.

Amazingly Detailed Gradient Mesh Tutorials

Amazingly Detailed Illustration Tutorials

Did you know Illustrator can do more than detailed gradient meshes? Well what about these detailed illustrations! 

Amazingly Detailed Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials

What happens if illustration isn’t your thing… well we’ve got plenty detailed text effect tutorials in Adobe Illustrator!

Show Us Your Detailed Vector!

Let’s open the floor… do you create detailed vector art? We’d love to see it, so please upload it to the comments and show other vector fans what you can create with some vector points.

Stay tuned to Envato Tuts+, for more detailed vector art tutorials… as well as other amazing content for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Affinity Designer, and much, much more!